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Servicing, Fitting and Custom Bike and Wheelset Builds

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What we do.

At fit to ride we use our years of fitting and riding experience to match the right bike to you, by looking at your body shape, your flexibility and the type of riding you want to do. We will then adjust the bike to fit you and not expect you to adapt to fit the bike.

We only stock bikes, wheels and components that we feel are the best and are more than happy to use ourselves, not products that offer us the best profit margin.

If you are looking for a new custom bike or custom built wheelset, we can help!

If you have purchased a bike without a fit and are having pain, discomfort or just feeling something isn’t right, we can help!

Our history

How we started

Neil Watts, the owner and founder of fit to ride has 13 years of bike fitting and commercial cycle industry experience. He was bike fit trained by American custom frame builders Serotta bikes and spent the subsequent 12 years perfecting his fitting techniques with well over 1000 satisfied clients throughout the UK. He is also an experienced custom bike builder and mechanic, with over 31 years of cycling and racing experience.

Before starting fit to ride, Neil worked in a number of different bike shops around the area and found that the pressured sales environment made it a challenge to give the customers the time he thought they deserved when buying a bike. It was a case of – “hand over the bike and move on to the next customer.”  Neil felt certain that there must be a better way and fit to ride was born! 8 years and many bike fits later we still stick to our core principals of listening to our customers needs and giving them plenty of guidance and advice throughout the process.