HandBuilt inhouse to your requirements

Custom Wheels.

HandBuilt inhouse to your requirements



Custom Wheels Built at Fit to ride

Build your dream wheels today

Perfectly matched to you and your style.

Most bikes come as standard with a one size fits all wheel, built to take the heaviest of riders. At fit to ride we will build you a custom built wheel to exactly match your size and requirements.

Highest Standard

Custom built wheels

Your wheel will be hand built in house using the best quality rim, hub and spokes to suit you. Depending on your budget we will make sure that your money is spent wisely ensuring that the weight is controlled carefully as you get further from the hub. Spokes are tensioned equally throughout the wheel (not always the case on off-the shelf wheels), allowing very efficient transfer of power.

Please note all Custom Wheel builds should be booked in advance by emailing fit to ride at

[email protected]