Maximise your power output and comfort

Bike Fitting.

Maximise your power output and comfort



Bike Fitting Service at Fit To Ride

Why have a bike fitting?

Powerful, comfortable and Injury Free.

These are the things we strive to achieve every time we bike fit one of our clients at fit to ride, every cyclist deserves to be all three. Whether you have paid five hundred pounds for your first road bike to get you fit, or five thousand pounds on an all carbon Tri bike for your next IronMan event, everyone can benefit from a professional bike fit.

It still amazes us that you can walk into a reputable bike shop in the UK and purchase a bicycle after just “swinging a leg over it”. This “hit and miss approach” is simply not good enough and leaves everything to chance.

Bike fitting

step by step

By the time the fitting is complete you should be completely comfortable on the bike and able to maximise your power output.

Step 1 – Start with a coffee and a chat to determine what you want to get from your bike fit session as well as to find out about you, your goals and any injuries or niggles you have.

Step 2 – We will biomechanically fit the bike to maximise power from effort.  Starting with the feet we adjust the cleats so that the foot angle is correct and the pressure is put through the most stable part of the foot.  Next, we adjust the saddle height so that you have the right leg extension, not too extended, not too flexed. Next we move on to the knee position, using saddle fore and aft movement we position your knee in relation to your foot and pedal spindle to optimise quad and glut usage.

Step 3 – Cockpit Adjustment to maximise comfort and bike handling. At the front of the bike we look at the overall reach. Is the rider too over stretched or too compact? Are they too low? Is there weight balance incorrect? All through the process we will inform you what we are doing and why. At the end of your session – which will take 1.5-2 hours for road bikes and 2-2.5 hours for TT/Triathlon bikes – you will be given a fit diagram showing your bike measurements.

Follow-up: We then ask you to call us after 400 miles for a chat to see how you are feeling.

Bike fit for new custom bikes

Free Of Charge

Bike fits for new bikes are carried out in parts, there is a pre-fitting that is carried out before ordering a bike using our Calfee Sizer adjustable bike or your own current bike. We can then ensure that we order all the correct components for your custom bike.  Once your bike has arrived and been built we will carry out a final fit.  For more information on the fit to ride‘s custom build service, head to our Custom Build Page.

Price list.


Free Of Charge

If you are ordering a custom bike from us we will make sure that we carry out a ‘first fit’ before we order the components. We will then invite you back to be fitted to your finished bike.



1.5 to 2 hour bike fitting session on your own bike. Suitable for all types of bike including road/tri/mountain and hybrid bikes.



We offer a specialist bike fit for triathlon or Time Trial specific bikes. 2 – 2.5 hour session. ( This extended bike fit session is especially for tri-bikes with base bars and tri-bars.



Buy the gift of a bike fit experience, just call 01202 922500 to order your voucher today.

Neil Watts is the ‘people’s bike fitter’ a lifelong cyclist who believes everyone should have a bike-fit, which reflects in his price for a 1.5 to 2hr fit session. Watts is Serotta trained but by no means wedded to a single system, preferring to combine what he’s learned from using several systems to refine what he delivers in a bike-fit.

Recently refitted by Neil after a dip in performance following a new bike purchase. Rode a 10 TT the next day and instantly 20-25 watts following a drastic change in position which allowed me to deliver more power whilst remaining pain free. Couldn’t recommend enough.

438 miles completed, no back pain whatsoever. You’re the best, thanks for taking care of me and my fleet.

Best bike fitter out there! Neil sorted my saddle position and a few other tweaks to get the best out of my riding.

Please note all Bike Fitting services should be booked in advance by emailing fit to ride at

[email protected]