Create your perfect bike

Custom Build.

Create your perfect bike



Custom bike build at fit to ride

Your needs and desires

full-attention to detail.

Your bike

Our process

We begin with the questions

What are your goals?

What would you like to achieve?

Then we match you to the perfect components to help you achieve your goals. We will Also make sure you are properly fitted to your new bike*.  What could be better?

We custom build bikes at many levels, with prices ranging from £1600- £16,000 using framesets from Somec, Olympia, Alan and Brixia as well as one off custom geometry, carbon lay up and colour frame sets from the likes of WR Compositi.

It’s all about spending your money wisely on components that make a difference to the ride quality of your bike.

*Free bike fitting is offered if you build your custom bike with us.  For more information on the bike fitting service that we offer, please see our bike fitting page.

Custom build

Road Bikes

custom built gravel bike

No compromise! Your money is spent exactly where you would like it spent to ensure you get the best ride possible. Once your bike is complete we also include free bike fitting to maximise your power output and comfort.

Custom build

Gravel Bikes

Alan custom built gravel bike

Do it all on 1 bike! If your bike collection numbers a few bikes for different purposes then it is likely that the quality of each bike is diluted. The solution – a gravel bike will enable you to take one very high quality frame and use it for a number of different purposes without any compromise. The gravel bike market is rapidly expanding in the UK with an increase in the number of gravel specific events and cycle-cross races.


3 bikes in 1 – A custom built gravel bike will be:

  • Your best Summer/Winter road bike
  • You best cycle-cross bike
  • Your best trail/gravel path bike

At fit to ride we will match you to one of our very light-weight but strong Alan carbon or aluminium frames which will allow you fit either 700c road wheels or 650b off-road wheels. In addition to the custom built bikes we also offer a range of Custom Built Wheels built to suit your build and requirements and in addition we will include a free bike fit so that the bike is perfectly set up for you.

These bikes are ideal for adventurers who would like to take their bikes to multiple locations with ease. Ideal for local Dorset riders who enjoy a combination of fantastic road/trail/gravel/singletracks that are abundant in this area.

Olympia have been producing bicycles since 1893 and are the second oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world. There is nothing Olympia don’t know about bicycle design and manufacture. The ride quality, finish and attention to detail from this manufacturer is second to none. Every frame is manufactured in house in the Italian factory.
Alan was founded in 1972 by engineer Falconi Lodovico and the name was originated by using the first two letters of his son Alberto (AL) and daughter Annamaria’s (AN) names. Alan was the first company in the world to produce aluminium and carbon frames and is widely regarded as an exceptional cyclo cross bicycle manufacturer with over 20 world championship titles to its name.
Bike ahead composites: Bike ahead composites are a small innovative German manufacturer of high end super light carbon six spoked road and MTB disc specific wheelsets.
Another German manufacturer, THM Carbones are one of the most advanced manufacturers of carbon cranks, brakes, forks, stems and handlebars. Focussing on exceptional strength, lightness and performance.
Mcfk are a small high end German carbon manufacturer of some of the lightest and strongest custom finish bars, stems and seat posts currently available.
WR Compositi don’t just make carbon components for Ferrari and Bugatti auto mobiles, they also make super high end custom carbon bikes as well as bars, stems and seatposts. If you want something truly exceptional and the cost is of secondary importance, this is who you go to.

Great place to get your bike, Neil knows his stuff, brilliant service.

Great bike build, top quality work looks and rides amazing.

Bought a Merida Silex from fit to ride –  a fantastic bike!  Thanks to Neil’s bike fit and attention to detail.
See you soon for my wife’s new bike.

Please note all Custom Builds should be booked in advance by emailing fit to ride at

[email protected]